May 23rd, 2017
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The most recent episode of American Gods, 1.04 - reactions )

I really, really liked that. I really did!

Another thing I liked: a meme from [personal profile] musesfool: Share the final line of five of your fics — your favorites, or the most recent ones. I'll go with most recent, but two come from drabble collections, so I just sort of scrolled until I found one I liked from those:
I’ll say it again until she hears me, until her breath catches, like the click of a dashboard dial. (Beekeeping for City Girls Without Roofs, Neko Case, "Prison Girls")

When Peggy felt herself open up simply for the joy of it, for her own sake, without flinching, her own excitement at the thought of a long life was a sudden downpour that she passed through and shivered in, after. (Drabble, Peggy, for the first time, after the war, MCU)

BE GENTLE WITH ME, Sebastian's hindbrain screams. (Meeting Redford, Part II, MCU RPF)

The passerby shook her head. Beneath the skin of her cheek, something shimmered, something gray and sick. The old witch drew in a breath, but it probably wasn’t anything. Nothing like that should ever happen here. (Wind Gets In (The Red Blood to the Bruise Remix), Little Red Riding Hood

"You feel things so deeply, and it makes you good, not weak." She kissed his temple once, in the dark. "Someone's got to tell you that." (Why Talk About Love, MCU, Peggy/Bucky)
Note to self: Do not get so predictably focused on breath, even if you're not releasing one you didn't know you were holding.

Today got to quite a late start, but I got myself to a coffee shop I actually like and can work in and I put together a resume I'm pleased with, and if I can get my cover letter together tomorrow (and hear back from folks I list as references), I will be in very good shape.
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Harold can't put off dealing with it any more: He knows John wants his body, and yet he equally knows they're fundamentally incompatible. So one night he lays out all the factors he's been considering, and waits for John's reaction.

Words: 43, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Jeremy Adler reviews (TLS, Oct. 16, 2015) a book by “the writer Schuldt, who never uses his first name” that is obvious LH material:

The reappearance, after more than thirty years, of one of his finest short works, In Togo, dunkel (In Togo, Dark), at long last coming out from a leading publisher, thus provides cause for celebration. The book could perhaps best be described as ethno-fantasy. In style, the title text, for example, veers disconcertingly between a short story, a philological investigation and an anthropological field study. Throughout its several twists and turns, In Togo, dunkel teeters on the edge between factual report and fancy, tricking the reader into believing that its clever concoction is just plain true. An African tribe, so the story goes, uses an obscure linguistic item, both rather like a noun and rather like a verb, mostly at the end of a sentence, and especially after exclamations. The trick lies in the detective work required to explain the etymology of this most puzzling artefact. If this seems unpromising material, Schuldt develops it with wit, artistry and consistent intensity, making this little exercise in style a tour de force of inventiveness.

Though Adler calls him “one of the youngest and most interesting figures in that remarkable group of experimentalists who came to play such a prominent role in the German literature of the last third of the twentieth century,” the internet seems to know nothing about him beyond this book; if anyone knows anything else, feel free to pass it on.

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Green River, Running Red: The Real Story of the Green River Killer—America's Deadliest Serial Murderer, Ann Rule: When I was a kid, I remember hearing about the Green River Killer. No details, just the name, but it was spooky enough that it stuck with me. And since my library doesn't have The Stranger Beside Me in ebook—I won't read it in paperback because I worked in a library; I know what those ratty true crime paperbacks look like and I'm not touching them—I chose this book as part of my exploration of the question: Do I really enjoy true crime or do I just love Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark's My Favorite Murder?

All I know for sure is that I love Karen and Georgia, and this book is long-winded, poorly organized, and filled with mind-numbing data. It'd be nerve wracking to read if you knew there was going to be a quiz later. Rule gives you dates, directions with cross streets, the full names of everyone you encounter, as well as their height, weight, age, occupation, birthday, and the names of their parents, siblings, and children. Surprisingly, none of that makes any of these people memorable. But without the threat of a test hanging over me, this was easy to read since I knew I would never need to remember a word of it, and I didn't, not even while I was reading.

The most satisfying part was when she mentioned an unrelated murder that happened near me when I was ten, and now I have context for a vague memory of a murder in a Denny's parking lot. Yes, you even get unrelated murders in this! Because the Pacific Northwest was fucking crawling with serial killers in the seventies and eighties, and Gary Ridgway was running around loose for twenty years while the cops searched for the Green River Killer. Every time someone was murdered, you had to wonder if it was him. They finally arrested him in 2001. I mean jesus. His first victims were found in 1982.

Anyway, this book isn't very good. It has chapters from Ridgway's perspective that are super gross and sourced from where, exactly, Ann? Also it has absolutely no bibliography. Just about three pages of people who assisted Rule in writing the book.

And it needs all the trigger warnings. Literally all of them.
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Five times Harold protests to the awful nickname John seemed to have become fond of, and the one time he doesn't.

Words: 1327, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English


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