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This year's Vividcon vidder auction is now open--details at or .

So many sources. Soooo many. You can look at an individual vidder's offers by clicking their name on the auction page, or a whole list of all the vidders is here or here.

Seems like there's something for everyone...give it a look!
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Anyone who's interested in this year's Vividcon, the engines are rumbling to life, so I thought I'd point out the next couple of deadlines FYI:

1. Voting for this year's Challenge Vid Theme closes tonight, Friday 3/18, at 11:59pm EDT!

2. Also, we're recruiting volunteer vidders for this year's Vividcon Vidder Auction. All the details are here, and interested vidders should send me an email at dorinda [at] thechicagoloop [dot] net by this Sunday, 3/20!

Viddddddddses. *\o/*
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The Vividcon auction fundraiser is coming up, and I wanted to mention some of the available fandoms, since they sound relevant to many people's interests...

For instance, there are two vidders offering The Musketeers! Given the amount of pretty I've been seeing in people's stills and gifs, a Musketeers vid would be just the ticket, plus also perhaps a nice pimping tool.

Multiple people are also offering Teen Wolf and Arrow, speaking of the pretty. :D

There are also a couple of vidders offering Almost Human, for those of us who might need to comfort ourselves as we wait for the network to announce whether it's been renewed or not. *rubs rabbit's foot*

There's Sleepy Hollow, Sherlock, Supernatural, plus classics like Smallville, Starsky & Hutch, and The Professionals. There are smaller shows like Haven, Vikings, Leverage, and The Invisible Man. There are more modern offerings like True Detective and Breaking Bad. There's anime!

And, as they say on the infomercials, much much more! Including people who are willing to vid absolutely anything your heart desires (especially if you can provide them with the source, but that might not even be necessary!).

The announcement post, with all the vidders' offerings and their contact info, is here on LJ, or here on Dreamwidth. There's also a pointer post on VVC's tumblr, in case you felt like reblogging it over there so interested folks can see it.

Now, taking off my auctioneer hat, I have to say I am currently chewing my knuckles in a dilemma. So many fandoms I want! Argh! (Anyone want to go in with me on a Leverage vid? I have a possible song... Although, since I'm no vidder, maybe it's the sort of song best left to a head-vid, where the perfect shot is always there and structure is immaterial...)
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[personal profile] killabeez, [personal profile] franzeska, and I are thinking about having a Haven room party at some point during Vividcon. If you'll be attending VVC and might be interested in Havening with friends, would you kindly fill out this poll? Thanks!


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