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Authors and artists have been revealed for this year's Night On Fic Mountain exchange (welll, they were revealed a little while back, but then the weekend got away from me and hmm mutter mumble). Here was my contribution:

The Steel-Wire Tightrope (6609 words) by Dorinda
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Sting (1973)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Henry Gondorff/Johnny Hooker
Characters: Henry Gondorff, Johnny Hooker
Additional Tags: Con Artists, 1930s, Rescue, Angst, Misunderstandings, Nonverbal Communication, Drugged Sex, Broccoli Test

Henry's in trouble. But when Johnny finds him, that's when their trouble really starts.

Awww yisssss, I got to write The Sting again! \o/ \o/ \o/ I rewatched the movie once during the writing process, and then I rewatched it last week with some friends, just because. I've seen it so many times, and show no signs of burning out or getting tired of it. I love the characters, and the milieu, and how amenable it all is to fannish extrapolation. Robert Redford glows like a sun god and runs like a deer, Paul Newman's eyes gleam a piercing clear sapphire, they both have arms and shoulders to make me weep in the best way, and Johnny and Henry come to care about each other SO MUCH you guys. So much. Not to mention that Henry is an Olympic-class secret worrier. ♥_____♥

Course, in this story, Johnny gets to do most of the worrying for a change. Just for a nice switcheroo. But this is my second story in which I was reminded that AO3 does not have a plain old "Drugged" tag! I mean, wat? "Drugged Sex", sure. But not just "Drugged". Which seems SO WEIRD, given the venerable age of the trope, you know--'oh no my partner got knocked out and doped and now I must rescue him', which was canon all the time at least back in the day, and which lends itself so well to tender h/c, and then perhaps sex that is not itself Drugged Sex, because everyone is now sobered up. So I used the Drugged Sex tag, even though that is not precisely how it goes (it sort of is at first, and then it isn't, and I think the story explains itself best).

Is there a way to propose they set up a canonical Drugged tag? I am ashamed to admit that my knowledge of the inner (or, in fact, outer) workings of the AO3 tag system is not the best.

Anyway, I'm excited to have had a chance to write these guys again! I fell into a weird throughline blockage during the writing process, but mary crawford and klia got me out of there and fixed it up, and I am really happy about it.
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I use the AO3 so often, and so easily. I really want to thank everyone who works on it, and who's ever worked on it. Every single one of you has made my daily life better in concrete ways.

I mean, only tonight, I'm getting ready for a trip out of town. And what do I do, in among the packing hassle? Toss a couple of good long stories onto my phone! Click, done. In my pocket, ready to while away the flights without needing to be online.

And then as I work on my Yuletide asks/offers for this year, I get curious about how I phrased my signup for last year's Yuletide. I didn't keep a copy anywhere on my laptop! Argh! Wait--just check the AO3. Why, there it is, linked from my dashboard! Neat and clear and easy to find (plus with a header graphic I enjoy).

These things happen to me a lot, bringing joy and pleasure into my life. I remember how it was, to buy a few zines at cons or to mail order them and wait (and hold them so people on the plane can't see the covers *g*); or to photocopy circuit stories and stuff a bundle of them into my carryon; or to track down and save html files of stories from all over the web, one by one. I have so many more options these days, and that sort of change doesn't just happen. It's crafted by human minds and human hands, actual people spending their actual time and ingenuity and effort. I'm grateful to the people who built, build, code, maintain, wrangle, and otherwise care for and manage the Archive Of Our Own.

Thank you.
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You might've seen that the Archive of Our Own is rolling out the ability to subscribe to authors! If you felt like subbing to me, I'm at faviconDorinda. I don't have brand-new stories in the immediate queue, but in the spirit of the AO3's "April Showers" challenge (encouraging people to upload their older works from older fandoms), soon I'm planning to upload a couple of little West Wing pieces I wrote for the JedLeo list in 2002 and 2003. Not the oldest of olds, but I never did put them up with my other stuff, for various reasons.

And if anybody would like an AO3 code, I have two to give away, so just let me know!


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