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I have at last clawed my way out from beneath months of extra work at my job. Sheesh. It was really too much for a while there, and now I am pretty much in disarray. My apartment is a shambles, I haven't had a haircut for far too long, I'm behind on everything, blah blah.

But! I do get today to myself, to think about restful things like stories and writing and whatnot. \o/

On that topic, I noticed that nominations are open for Night On Fic Mountain, until the end of March.

Here's the tagset so far. I can see two things in there I could offer to write (one definite, one tentative), but you need to offer at least 5. So I'd need to nominate three more things. Hmmmmmm, it'll take some thought.

Master & Commander is already in there, to my delight; I'd love to write that some more. I also notice someone has nominated a 2006 movie that [personal profile] klia showed me back in the day, "The Guardian", a slashy movie about Coast Guard rescue swimmers (older grizzled traumatized officer trains troubled young hothead, they butt heads, then they impress each other, until they become super bonded protective pair--you know how those military-slash movies go. :D ). I've never thought about writing it till now, but I'm considering whether I might be brave enough to offer it.

Someone nominated Nero Wolfe, but only Archie/Saul. (Nothing against Archie/Saul of course, I adore Saul, but I don't know if I'd have any ideas for writing it.) Someone nominated Elfquest, but I don't think I could write any of the characters they included; I don't know them well, and don't have any ideas.

I wonder what else I might nominate? And can I think of things that other participants might want to read and/or offer? There are many times I wish I could read minds, and this is one of them.
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The authors for this year's Night on Fic Mountain have been revealed, and the story I wrote was perhaps one of my most obvious contributions to an anonymous fest yet!:

Beyond Moons and Sun and Star (13788 words) by Dorinda
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Elfquest
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Cutter/Skywise, Foxfur/Skywise, Cutter/Leetah/Skywise
Characters: Cutter (Elfquest), Skywise (Elfquest), Foxfur (Elfquest), Rain (Elfquest), Bearclaw (Elfquest), Joyleaf (Elfquest), Pike (Elfquest), Leetah (Elfquest), Redlance (Elfquest), Strongbow (Elfquest), Treestump (Elfquest)
Additional Tags: Soul Bond, Soulmates, Canon Related, Missing Scene, Angst, Rescue, Trauma, Cuddling & Snuggling, Telepathy, Elves

Skywise knows Cutter's soul name--he has always known it. But he may not always have wanted to.

I suspect [personal profile] kerithwyn knew it was me maybe fourteen seconds in. Possibly because we'd had such a good time at Escapade, sitting down for a good chewy talk about Elfquest. I'd always wanted to write EQ sometime, but talking with 'rith definitely helped push me over the edge.

And of course Cutter/Skywise in particular has always been an interest of mine. I mean, they're kings of the hurt/comfort and have a canonical soulbond, what's not to like? [personal profile] marycrawford and I entertained each other during the writing process by sending links to various pages from the comics with, like, RESCUES and HUGGING and RESCUES WITH HUGGING, and CARETAKING and WORRYING and SOULTOUCHING, and man you just never run out of material.

I hadn't turned the transformative lens onto Elfquest before, but it felt great--I got to disregard the late-in-the-day/apparently-official version of Cutter and Skywise's bond the comics came up with, which I feel has tons of holes storywise and characterizationwise and culturewise, and substitute another option. Is this what the phrase sorry-not-sorry is for? :D

For those of you who haven't read it, all of Elfquest except for the current series "Final Quest" is readable online for free; my story note has a few relevant links, but it's also easy to start at the beginning and go straight through.


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