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Yet another of the commentfics from More Joy Day 2017, this one written for [personal profile] msmoat's prompt "quiet".

(There are a few new lines added to this posted version... I felt like the kissing could use just a little more time. Shocking, I know. :D )

Calm in the Storm (1470 words) by Dorinda
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003), Master and Commander - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin
Characters: Jack Aubrey, Stephen Maturin
Additional Tags: Worry, Injury, Sharing a Bed, Kissing

Another near-miss for Jack. And Stephen finds the night too quiet for his peace.

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Another of the commentfics from More Joy Day 2017, this one for [personal profile] mollyamory. ♥ Backstory: there's a videogame series called "Dragon Age". And in Dragon Age II, you play a human character named Hawke (you can choose a male or female iteration). Hawke ends up super-besties with the dwarf character Varric Tethras, who is a storyteller by avocation, and in his spare time writes books--hard-boiled detective stories, romance-adventure, etc.

In the next game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Varric and Hawke are separated. But in some circumstances, male!Hawke shows up again for a particular portion of the game, and it's still obvious that Varric loves him soooOOooo muuuuch.

And yet, neither of the games allows Hawke to romance Varric, the way Hawke was able to choose from so many other characters! Unfair, unjust. And given Varric's devotion and heart-eyes-admiration for Hawke, plus Varric's subtle ongoing sense of loneliness, mollyamory thought that should be remedied.


The Epic Tale of Jeon the Giant (1603 words) by Dorinda
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dragon Age II, Dragon Age (Video Games), Dragon Age - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hawke/Varric Tethras, Male Hawke/Varric Tethras
Characters: Varric Tethras, Garrett Hawke
Additional Tags: Requited Unrequited Love, Writing, we already know varric writes rpf

Why couldn't the stupid character stay where he was put? No, all that work to get him face-to-face with the bad guy and into a final battle, and afterward there he went, waltzing away into the wilds to...~~do good~~ or ~~fight the good fight~~ or ~~be brave~~.

Screw Jeon, anyway. That big dumb brawny nug-licking Fereldan. That hero.

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I meant to post this this morning, but then there were dishes to do, and then I worked on (well, brainstormed, anyway) my fledgling idea for Night on Fic Mountain, and then I went out for an Ingress walk in the gross swampy heat, and look it's almost 7pm. /o\

If you were around here on More Joy Day 2017, you'll probably have already seen this, but!:

Svefnthorn (1117 words) by Dorinda
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sinbad (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gunnar/Sinbad (Sinbad)
Characters: Gunnar (Sinbad), Sinbad (Sinbad)
Additional Tags: Runes, Snakes, Escape, Sleep

"You are not going to try to feed yourself to the snake so I can get away," said Sinbad at once. "So stop it."

([personal profile] movies_michelle gave me Gunnar/Sinbad and the prompt "sleep", and then I dunno what happened, there was a giant magic snake and stuff. :D )
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Yet another story I kept forgetting to put into AO3! I originally wrote this for a zine, "Relative Secrecy 2", 1998:

The Fusion Affair (7729 words) by Dorinda
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo
Characters: Illya Kuryakin, Napoleon Solo
Additional Tags: First Time, Escape, Partnership, Nonverbal Communication, Broccoli Test, Misunderstandings, Shower Sex, Origin Story, Zine: Relative Secrecy 2

Napoleon finally gets a partner, and can no longer be quite so comfortably solo.

Nineteen ninety eight! Zoicks. Time kind of flew. I did eventually put it up on my own webspace, but never imported it into AO3 when that came along...I think I started once, but then for some reason didn't get it tagged and posted before the expiration of the draft, and then was grumpy about having to hand-code the italics again? Oh, I don't know, it was silly, because of course I sat down to do it today and it didn't take so long.

There used to be a really nice website for Marian Kelly's MUNCLE and Wild Wild West zine series, but it seems to have gone now, alas.

You can see my obsessions with things like discovering-deeper-partnership and the broccoli test from back in the day, huh. :D
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Here's the last of that batch of finished little stories I had in my pocket:

To Track the Beast (3333 words) by Dorinda
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Peacemakers (2003)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Larimer Finch/Jared Stone
Characters: Larimer Finch, Jared Stone, Katie Owen
Additional Tags: Western, Angst, Law Enforcement, Post-Canon, First Time

Finch hesitated by the back door into the parlor, where the door curtains had been drawn against the night. He'd become accustomed to just walking in of an evening, and it felt strange to stop himself. But he couldn't quite imagine Stone being as happy to see him as he had been lately, looking up over his glasses with that smile that some might almost call shy.

Man I love Peacemakers. So promising, so short-lived, alas. I feel like it was tragically ahead of its time, before the days when lots of cable channels are producing original drama series and thriving. I think it would fit in perfectly right now, a western about the transitional period into modern criminal science. It had a lot of interesting things to say, and great characters to say it with. If you're ever curious to see it, last I heard it was actually on Hulu, although I can't check at the moment.

This story was inspired by my H/C Bingo card, although it itself did not really turn out to be H/C. I should dig that card out and give it another look; it had all kinds of inspirational topics on it.
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I am on vacation (a long-awaited and hard-earned vacation, in my opinion), and am finally unwinding from recent stresses. It feels luxurious and cherry-on-top to ALSO now get MULTIPLE gifts from this year's Night on Fic Mountain small-fandom fic and art exchange!!

New this year, you could ask and offer art as well as fic if you wanted, so in my requests I checked the art box as well as the fic box. And I got three pictures and one story, every single one of them an utter delight!:

Protect (0 words) by Anonymous Edited to add: the artist has been revealed as MissHammer
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Almost Human
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Dorian/John Kennex (implied)
Characters: Dorian (Almost Human), John Kennex
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Digital Art, Angst

Dorian is doing everything he can to keep John warm and his blood from spill out, while they wait to be found.

A beautiful angsty hurt/comfort image, with protective-Dorian who you can tell is experiencing a flood of emotion, with injured-John held so tenderly in his arms. SNIFF! But the author was kind enough to reassure me in an author's note that they will be rescued. \o/

Dubious Angel of My Better Nature (0 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Aubrey-Maturin Series - Patrick O'Brian
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin
Characters: Jack Aubrey, Stephen Maturin
Additional Tags: Art, Pencil

Stephen and Jack

A sketch of Stephen Maturin, with Jack silhouetted in the background. Such lovely detail, all of which combines in a very Stephen-like tone and pose, and I swear that Jack is CHARACTERIZED by the simplest touches in a little silhouette.

And then two Aubrey-Maturin Star Trek AUs, one art and one story:

(Edited to add: turns out all of the below are by lynndyre)

U.S.S. Surprise (0 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Master and Commander - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin
Characters: Jack Aubrey, Stephen Maturin
Additional Tags: Art, Ink, Alternate Universe - Space, Star Trek AU

Stephen brings home alien animals~

Science-officer-naturalist Stephen is cradling a little alien creature that obviously loves him but is dubious about starship-captain-Jack who wants to pet it, which is SO accurate to the books, and so adorable!!

In Good Company (925 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Master and Commander - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin
Characters: Jack Aubrey, Stephen Maturin
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Imprisonment, Friendship, Alternate Universe - Space, Star Trek AU

Stephen and Jack, and an evening in an alien jail.

Wounded starship captain Jack, and Vulcan-hybrid Stephen, stranded in a cell on an alien world, looking after each other. So many little touches perfectly translated into the Star Trek setting, such well-characterized interaction and hurt/comfort, SO satisfying, om nom nom nom.

Pardon me while I wallow about in my embarrassment of riches! *flings handfuls of Fic Mountain around like confetti*
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On the Shoulders of the Sea (2235 words) by Dorinda
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sinbad (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gunnar/Sinbad
Characters: Gunnar (Sinbad), Sinbad (Sinbad)
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Sunburn, Huddling For Warmth

Gunnar suffers, and Sinbad discovers it's not only from the sun.

Another one of the pocket stories, for the pairing in the icon above, in which melancholy-Gunnar gazes longingly at Sinbad (in other words, THE SHOW). :D
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Okay so, here's one of the pocket stories I was mentioning...

Irreplaceable (1299 words) by Dorinda
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Almost Human
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dorian/John Kennex
Characters: Dorian (Almost Human), John Kennex, Richard Paul, Rudy Lom
Additional Tags: Worry, Hurt/Comfort, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Flashbacks, Missing Scene, Episode Related

John has seen dead eyes like that before.

It's a missing scene set during ep 1x10, "Simon Says", aka The One With The Bomb Collar.

I've been mulling over the tags. Pre-slash, should it be? I never quite know about pre-slash. Hmm. Opinions are welcome!
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YOU GUYS it is not even my birthday. AND YET look at what Sinterklaas The Tooth Fairy oh god wait Destina gave me!!!:

Perdition (7554 words) by Destina
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
Characters: Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter
Additional Tags: Murder Husbands, Post-Finale

If Will can't manage to die, he'll have to live.

Super-spoilery for the Hannibal finale, natch. Not gory; it is safe for the curious.

I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND having Destina give you a thing! Although certain of the images made me have to breathe into a paper bag (in the good way), so, like, I cannot recommend she give you a thing if you are currently operating heavy machinery.
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Dear author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! Above all, I'd like you to have fun and write something you enjoy, so any other blatherings here are purely optional for reals. Just in case they might help. If you already have an idea, go for it!

Some of my general preferences:

Happy or at least hopeful endings (that doesn't rule out bittersweet or melancholy tones, and needn't be fluffy...I guess I'm just not in the headspace for unalloyed sad or dark endings at the moment.).

Slash, though for me that doesn't require mandatory sex. I mean, sex is great if the story you're telling calls for it. But don't feel hemmed in; it's entirely up to you. For me, slash is first about the depth of connection and intimacy between the characters, however it's expressed. I am, I admit, a sucker for tenderness. Could be from an already-openly-tender character (oh, hi, Redlance), or a repressed character for whom tenderness itself is an admission of vulnerability (hey there, Kennex).

Some of the tropes and approaches I enjoy: words that camouflage deeper/unspoken meanings, protectiveness, worry, extreme competence (with honest weakness), hurt/comfort, chosen families, uncovering a secret, partners against the world, nurturing via food/drink/warmth. (Also, I must admit I like past tense, unless there's a reason for present tense.)

Don't be afraid of classic frameworks if you like 'em! I mentioned hurt/comfort, but I also won't turn up my nose at Having To Share A Bed, Huddling for Warmth, Pretend Couple, Undercover as Rentboy, situations where one suffers or sacrifices for the other, rescues, stranded somewhere (idyllic or non-), etc.

A few thoughts by fandom, alphabetically:

Almost Human:
Dorian, John Kennex

I love an android character who is not, for once, striving to be "more human" as some longed-for condition. Dorian is his own being, machine and emotion, wires and soul, and he has his own concerns. John instead is the one who does more changing, learning to mesh with and open up to Dorian, and getting through his previous trauma (which still must feel relatively recent for him, given his coma, even though the rest of the world has remorselessly moved on).

More casework could be nice, seeing them on the job in the sort of cases we didn't get a chance to see on TV. Maybe even the less dramatic, more daily-cop-life sorts of things that don't become Major Incidents (although, granted, they're not beat cops, but even detectives must have routine days and weeks, even in The Bladerunnerish Future). Dorian wanted so badly to be a cop, and still (I expect?) sees it with fresh eyes. Public service! <3 Does that help John, in his traumatized, almost-burned-out place, maybe come a little more back to why he loved the job in the first place?

But a case isn't necessary, either—I'd just as much like to see them in their off time. Does Dorian get off time other than required charging? Or when John's off, does Dorian basically do a second shift? How else might John be learning to integrate Dorian into his life—or, how might Dorian be developing his own life, whether or not he is technically supposed to? Dorian can be a worrier, especially about his own potential instability. I like his vulnerabilities, and I like thinking about how John—who can be so emotionally repressed—ends up being Dorian's major emotional support on this issue. And of course, questions of intimacy, sexuality, and the meshing of flesh and machine (not just John and Dorian, but John's prosthesis) are always great!

Other characters are welcome, especially Maldonado, who is definitely my next favorite. I just didn't ask for her specifically because I wasn't really in the mood for a Maldonado-only character study, which would be possible under "or" matching.

Cutter, Nightfall, Redlance, Skywise

I'm not fully up to date on the Final Quest storyline, so don't feel the need to be cutting-edge or anything. Also, no need to include all four characters at once (of course not, this is "or" matching :) ), though if you want to, feel free. And other characters are welcome; I really enjoy the way that they're enmeshed in their tribe, with all of the interdependence and interrelationships.

I really value EQ's complete and unquestioned pansexuality, which I'd really like to see as a bedrock assumption in a story. Even more than in canon, in fact (I mean, that is canon, but it's also a comic being published in the mainstream US during a certain period, so it also has its moments of downplaying or not letting the omnidirectional eroticism just be, you know?). And the same thing goes for physicality and sensuality in general, sexual or not. Especially since these are all Wolfriders, with that extra level of animal to them.

I've always been interested in the Cutter/Skywise same-sex Recognition. Like Kerithwyn, I'm curious about whether and how this might have happened before. And I'd enjoy seeing more of how it has played out in their lives, or affected them, even to the smallest, day-to-day level. Recognition is such a powerful, primal force—and in their case, it obviously went past the first thunderclap to grow into a lifelong, lifemate-level of devotion and knowing. How was it, for that to develop? How did the rest of the tribe see it? Do they (and probably mostly Pike, as the story-keeper) remember other tales like it?

Or, the Cutter/Nightfall/Redlance trio, when Skywise and Leetah and the cubs were torn away for so very long. I like the sense we've gotten about Cutter and Nightfall as youthful playmate-lovemates who grew to the strongest of devoted comrades, but I don't have as clear a sense of the Cutter/Redlance side of the group, though of course it's there. I'd like to see that brought out. I especially love Redlance's tenderness, nurturing, hope, and unashamed softness—the way he and Nightfall, in canon, are gendered as she being the sword, the spear, the arrow, while he is the flower, the tree, the vine. How might Redlance's nature have helped Cutter? Maybe even saving him from madness in the wake of such loss (of his Recognized loves-- the other parts of his soul--and also of the Now)?

Robot Series - Isaac Asimov
Elijah Baley, R. Daneel Olivaw

Another android/human pair, which is a thing I really enjoy. Baley comes out of such an anti-robot culture, and is a grown man, set in his ways and (he thinks) in his ideology. And yet by their third novel he obviously and canonically loves Daneel, in ways his home culture would never understand or countenance. He may as well have heart-eyes whenever he looks at him. How does that change and growth and cultural rebellion feel to Baley? Disorienting? Liberating? Maybe even a touch distressing?

Daneel, for his part, is a step ahead of Baley in a lot of ways. He introduces Baley to the very idea of a sentient being who is different, and remains gladly and productively different, not a poor imitation of a human. I'm always struck by Daneel's explanations of how he does have feelings, but refuses to paint them as simulations of human feelings. They are different processes, and he never glosses over that, but in the end he emphasizes that they have the same meanings to him.

But I also like that Baley's not just some dope being towed through life by a plaster saint. Baley has skills that complement Daneel's, especially as he learns to open up to Daneel and possibility, and let go of the repression and single-cultural-context holding him back. Daneel values him as a person, not a pet.

In the third novel, Baley comes to a sharp focus on and awareness of the physical, sensual, embodied, sexual nature of Daneel's murdered twin (…and, I mean, when he's examining the body, and he parts Jander's buttocks? Baley is having some New Thoughts.). I think that puts us in the perfect post-novel place for that to proceed to its next logical conclusion—bringing that awareness back to Daneel, and the very real potential for their love to have a physical dimension. Another dramatic leap between the man Baley was and the man he is now. Plus, Daneel's take on the whole issue! Daneel's subjectivity in general, which is very interesting. And how might the First Law play into it? (Parallels with Jander and Gladia are perfectly fine, though I didn't ask for those characters because I'd rather have the focus be on Lije/Daneel.)

The Sting (1973)
Henry Gondorff, Johnny Hooker

Henry and Johnny are mentor and mentored, but also equal partners by the end of the movie, each one bringing something valuable to the game. I love either or both of those dynamics, so feel free to suit yourself--I enjoy Henry teaching and Johnny learning, but also Johnny opening Henry's eyes or otherwise keeping him on his toes.

Another con, big or small, could be lots of fun (or them playing parts to help out someone else's con), but don't feel like you have to. I'm sure a lot of their life together happens between cons (and heck, you can't work all the time), whether it's prepping for something, ducking away from danger (from the law or the underworld), Johnny learning a new skill, or Henry learning a little something himself.

Lately I've been thinking about the ins and outs of love and protectiveness, in their particular field. They're undeniably risk-junkies—not in it for the money, obviously, the money is just a tool that lets them put on these big, risky, freedom-and-even-life-endangering shows. But they've also connected very deeply, and in the movie already we see Henry trying to hedge his bets by giving Johnny a secret bodyguard.

So how might this develop, the addiction to this work combined with the increasing love and protectiveness? The job can be dangerous, and they're increasingly attached to and worried about each other's safety, possibly more than they ever worried about their own before they met. Does it throw a wrench into the works, and how do they get past that? Does it intensify their relationship?

Other characters are welcome--I love the world of other con men and women that they live in, that feeling of a grifter society--or it could just be Henry and Johnny, shoulder to shoulder and on their own.


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