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Just a followup, Fic Mountain-wise. I ended up nominating:

* Almost Human, John/Dorian

* Rejseholdet, Fischer/La Cour

* The Sting, Henry/Johnny (and also Kid Twist in the character set)

And I added Nero Wolfe to the Nero Wolfe character set.

I feel so lucky re: Almost Human! The rule is that in order to qualify, a fandom has to have fewer than 500 stories (complete, in English, 1000 words or over). And when I ran a filter on Almost Human, its total came to 497. Yikes! That was a close one.

So I nominated it immediately. Once approved it gets to stay in, even if 4 more stories roll in in the meantime, and it has been approved. Whew! \o/
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I have at last clawed my way out from beneath months of extra work at my job. Sheesh. It was really too much for a while there, and now I am pretty much in disarray. My apartment is a shambles, I haven't had a haircut for far too long, I'm behind on everything, blah blah.

But! I do get today to myself, to think about restful things like stories and writing and whatnot. \o/

On that topic, I noticed that nominations are open for Night On Fic Mountain, until the end of March.

Here's the tagset so far. I can see two things in there I could offer to write (one definite, one tentative), but you need to offer at least 5. So I'd need to nominate three more things. Hmmmmmm, it'll take some thought.

Master & Commander is already in there, to my delight; I'd love to write that some more. I also notice someone has nominated a 2006 movie that [personal profile] klia showed me back in the day, "The Guardian", a slashy movie about Coast Guard rescue swimmers (older grizzled traumatized officer trains troubled young hothead, they butt heads, then they impress each other, until they become super bonded protective pair--you know how those military-slash movies go. :D ). I've never thought about writing it till now, but I'm considering whether I might be brave enough to offer it.

Someone nominated Nero Wolfe, but only Archie/Saul. (Nothing against Archie/Saul of course, I adore Saul, but I don't know if I'd have any ideas for writing it.) Someone nominated Elfquest, but I don't think I could write any of the characters they included; I don't know them well, and don't have any ideas.

I wonder what else I might nominate? And can I think of things that other participants might want to read and/or offer? There are many times I wish I could read minds, and this is one of them.
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Whew. Finally, a holiday weekend to myself! I just finished a very enervating real-life task, and am exhausted--also, I've unfortunately been sick with a very peculiar and tenacious throat virus for, what, over two weeks now? UGH. Never had anything quite like it. I went to urgent care eventually, and they said the quick-culture strep test was negative, but if it's still not gone after this long weekend of total rest, I'm going back to ask for a proper throat culture. Because this is RIDICULOUS. (I am feeling better overall than I was, though, which is promising. It's just taking so long!)

I've been posting a bit in the discussion of In the Best Families, the Nero Wolfe version of Sherlock Holmes's "Final Problem"/"Empty House". Super-spoilery discussion over there, needless to say! And I have yet more comments to make. Ah, I do love that book. Poor Archie gets put through the wringer, not to mention Wolfe, and we know how much I love to see that happen to my beloveds. O:-)

Speaking of wringers: *I* was put through a wringer by the Hannibal finale. More than a week ago now, and I am still all a-flail. SO INTENSE. SO BEAUTIFUL. SO AMAZING. Apologies if it's not to your taste but you read my tumblr, because among the kitties and birdies and doggies and stuff, there are an awful lot of heated panting bloody embraces lately. The girl can't help it! ♥ ___________ ♥

I've been getting the feeling that it might be time for another Master and Commander rewatch. I almost did last night, but then it was time for meds-and-beds. I try not to watch it all the time, so it won't get worn out in my head, but I just love it, and Jack and Stephen, and them being so married, soooo muuuuuch. A rewatch at this juncture would be medicinal!

That is the latest rambly unpacking of my id. Thank you for coming. :D
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I belong to a Nero Wolfe community on Dreamwidth called [community profile] milk_and_orchids. And we were having a discussion of all the books in order, which paused a couple years ago. [personal profile] aris_tgd suggests we start it up again, and I am all for it!

So I thought I'd mention the comm here, in case it piques anyone's interest. You don't have to be any kind of a Wolfe expert or anything, and all kinds of input is welcome, including discussion of the A&E series with Tim Hutton or other adaptations. It's a good idea to be slash friendly, though slashing isn't mandatory.

And give a look-see through past posts! The tone of the group is very much into the characterizational and interpersonal, so I love to see various dialogue and narrative exchanges that get quoted back in people's book reviews and discussions. It also helps remind me, like, which book is it where Archie cherishes the leather billfold Wolfe gave him, which book is it where Archie cherishes the kidskin case Wolfe gave him, which book is it where Archie cherishes the dressing gown Wolfe gave him... :D


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