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Oh! And! One other thing in my id I intended to unpack in that last post is that Person of Interest is now on Netflix streaming: seasons 1-3. Hooray! An easy way for people to dip in, or catch up, or peek if they're curious.

I'm glad to hear it, even though I already have all the episodes in my hot little hands. I figure, in these days of streaming, this is a good way to get it in front of more eyeballs, especially the eyeballs of people who've given up on standard broadcast/cable TV.

I am currently running the pilot via Netflix, despite my DVD set sitting like two feet away from the TV. Let them know I'm happy to see it. :)
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Mollyamory's post about last night's episode of Person of Interest pretty much expressed my feelings. (GIANT SPOILERS OVER THERE!)

I in fact ended up adding a big comment over there, which I maybe should have instead saved and turned into a post over here, buuuuut nope so there it is. *hands*
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Back in this post, I listed the three Person of Interest vids I saw at Vividcon. But then, shortly after VVC, another POI vid dropped--and I saw people posting about it, so you might already have seen it, but JUST IN CASE BECAUSE IT IS SO VERY VERY VERY GOOD:

[ profile] sisabet made a POI vid, "Lucky You", which you can and should check out at this post. From song choice, to clip choice, to juxtapositions, to characterization and narrative build and emotional layering, to, oh, everything, this vid has me in its pocket. Phwooooaaaaar. It is too much; I flail. ♥ _____ ♥
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A very diverse set of vids at Vividcon this year--Person of Interest was the only fandom to have more than one vid for it in the Premieres show! (And I must say, it's nice to have my personal wishes in this regard magically catered to for a change. :D ) Plus there was a POI vid in the Auction show, so there was plenty to savor.

In the first half of Premieres was [personal profile] astolat's When I Ruled the World, summary: Be my mirror, my sword and shield. A warm and wistful Reese/Finch vid that made me sad for both of them, and happy that both of them managed to find each other (Plus: Bear!).

The second half of Premieres had [personal profile] flummery's Some Nights, summary: Team Machine. A total YAY TEEEEAM vid, propulsive and sweeping, with Fusco, Reese, Carter, and Finch all coming together to become more than the sum of their parts. (Plus: Bear!)

And then the Auction show had [personal profile] talitha78's Call Me Maybe (to a cover by Ben Howard), summary: I just met you, and this is crazy. A Reese/Finch vid of their paranoid, technological love story. (Pluuuus, BEAR. :D )

I didn't get much of a chance to discuss POI, what with everything else going on, but these vids definitely fed my id. Yum!
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In honor of [personal profile] msmoat's suggestion to Post About Your Fandom This Weekend, I am stopping myself from falling into my standard hole wherein I hesitate to post because I feel like I don't have...what, a good enough post? Something special to say? Coherent thoughts?? Man, who even knows. *g*

I will instead let her topple me into just saying something I've been thinking about, which is the Person of Interest discussion some of us were having at Escapade, and how the show ended up dodging out from under a certain expectation that some of the folks in the discussion had...

Spoilers for POI, eps 2x13 and 2x22...not super-specific, plotwise. But, uh...wordy. Sorry? )

In short, show says to me: SORRY, DORINDA, NO PITFALL...HOW ABOUT SOME FANNISH CATNIP INSTEAD. And I go purrrrrrrrr. \o/

And that is a fannish thing I was thinking about!
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Hey, POI peeps! Which episode is it where Harold briefly wears his glasses on top of his head? I think he's doing some close-up work with computer parts or something, but my memory of the moment is unfortunately detached from context.

I think I need to make a screencap of it. Because nom.
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I signed up for [community profile] hc_bingo last year, and got the most promising card...but what with one thing and another (most especially the great big Dreaded Project I was completing), I only completed one fill with no bingo in sight.

Luckily, [personal profile] arduinna has reminded me that 1) it's time for another bingo round, and 2) there's no penalty for not posting anything last round! Whew. I appreciate that, and now that I no longer have the anvil around my neck, this time will definitely be Bingo Time!

I am rubbing my hands gleefully over my card... )

Oh man, so good. SO GOOD. And so very delightfully compliant with various canons I have in mind! I mean, look at the very righthand column going down... "depression, nervous breakdown, unconscious, cuddling, drugged". Around here, we call that Tuesday I Spy episode 3x12, "The Lotus Eater". (Which one could view on here, if one were in the US or used a proxy server.) The second column down, "confession in desperate situation, medication, dystopia, job-related trauma, exhaustion" is a dead ringer for Person of Interest ep. 1x18, "Identity Crisis" ("Good night, Nathan." !!!), which was the episode I posted this about (nonspoilery emotional reactions ahoy).

Not, of course, that a bingo line needs to be--or even should be--all from one canon. But I just love seeing patterns on the card that sound like they come right out of a show. It says a little something about my preferred entertainment choices, I suppose. *g*

Also: I love how "hugs" is its own prompt. In the giant list of prompts, it's been easy for me to overlook some of the simpler entries, especially the ones that run counter to many of the rest by being focused on the C rather than the H--two of which I got on my card, in fact (hugs and cuddling). \o/
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I noticed today that I hadn't posted anything since Yuletide reveals. *facepalm* I'm alive, I swear (unless this is a very good simulation, which, given that people have invented robots that dance, and (other) robots that prance while throwing cinder blocks, you never know...).

I'm in the very last stages of completing my Ph.D., which I will then laminate and use as a frisbee. *g* I look forward to throwing out my remaining bags of Xeroxed articles, removing all of the relevant documents from my laptop and my forebrain, and agreeing to forget all about it.

I've noticed that my creativity has felt nonexistent, since the pressure ramped up to these final levels. It's like my id got squashed, and now I can't find it. I am hoping that it will stir to life again once the last document is submitted...I don't like how the inside of my head feels, like this. And even though I of course missed the actual h/c-bingo deadlines, there's still the amnesty period!

On the bright side, may I direct you to the new Person of Interest kink meme on Dreamwidth? I don't know much about kink memes, but for those who are as new to them as I am, let me say, 1) no kink per se is required (prompts and fills can run the gamut, they can be gen, no pairing, vanilla, etc., if you want--or, of course, you can kink your heart out), and 2) there's a chatter post where you can talk about POI or about anything at all, and where a few folks have been linking to POI meta at their journals.

Okay, nose-->grindstone, wish me luck in not setting fire to anything (or anyone) while I get this stuff done.
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It turns out my wonderful Person of Interest gift story was by [personal profile] giddygeek! I'm so glad other people are loving it as much as I do. *hugs story* *hugs giddy* *hugs story again*

As for me, I wrote one Yuletide story this year:

Is the Sky Falling, Or Is It Just Me? (5748 words) by Dorinda
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Invisible Man (TV 2000)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Darien Fawkes/Bobby Hobbes
Characters: Darien Fawkes, Bobby Hobbes
Summary: Bobby and Darien were literally underground, chasing a wily Flemish chemist (say that five times fast). And then came the cave-in.

Bobby and Darien, my sweet boys. ♥ I had had a different idea that was turning out to be too long for the actual writing timeframe, so instead I asked [personal profile] lydiabell if she minded if I stole borrowed her prompt from a previous ficfest on [ profile] hot_donuts about Bobby falling in love with all of his shrinks (a line from episode 1x06, "Impetus"--and from 2x15 "A Sense of Community," we know at least one of his shrinks was male, so as [personal profile] lydiabell points out, heyyyy there accidental canonical bisexuality. :D ). And then for good measure I stole borrowed stole the cave-in milieu from [personal profile] tzikeh and [ profile] sisabet.

I owe big thanks to [personal profile] mollyamory and [personal profile] klia for beta reading, and [personal profile] marycrawford and [personal profile] elynross for additional morale duties! Special thanks to Molly for "Mannnnntooooooooooth."

Rewatching late-series Invisible Man just had me clutching my heart on a regular basis. Bobby and Darien love each other SO MUCH, people. This post, in which I was writhing around about not being able to share the squee because of secrets, was about episode 2x18. Bobby and Darien are watching the happy/sad reunion of two star-crossed lovers; Bobby gets all misty and choked up, and Darien (who is obviously trying hard not to choke up himself) is unselfconsciously rubbing Bobby's back and shoulders with such lingering, comforting body language. I had forgotten about that moment, and it is DIVINE.

(Can't believe I don't have an I-Man icon yet!)
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Oh, man, I adore my present!:

Point of a Pistol (25422 words) by Anonymous edited to add: [ profile] giddygeek!
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Person of Interest (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Summary: Root returns to claim what's hers.

It's Person of Interest, it has a tense plot and a slowly building emotional story, it's Reese/Finch, Bear is a joy, Carter and Fusco are awesome, it has a clever retrospective hook into canon to explain where the threat was planted, it has a warm and focused attention to little details, it takes its time and slowly winds Reese and Finch that last little distance together, and it's basically made me all asquee with sheer joy. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!

You should all go read it! (Except for you, [personal profile] marycrawford, you should finish season 1 and three episodes into season 2, and THEN read it.)


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