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posted by [personal profile] dorinda at 08:08am on 27/06/2011 under , ,
ETA: All gone! Thanks!

I have some books and zines (plus a few records, D&D items, and a lunchbox) of potential fannish interest, which are all up for grabs for the cost of shipping. I wish we had transporters, so people could just swing by and pick what they wanted, but alas, not yet.

All of these items were enjoyed, but I have to reduce my belongings by a drastic amount in the immediate future. Don't worry about anything left over--they'll all find a good home, one way or another, be that a local book/comic/game shop, or (for the zines) the Fanzine Archives at the University of Iowa.

Anyway, browse, enjoy. If you see something that strikes your fancy, comment or email me at dorinda at, and it's yours.


Homicide: Life on the Screen

Homicide: Life on the Street, the Unofficial Companion

STAR TREK (TOS & a smidge of TNG)

James Blish draft-script adaptations:
book 1, book 3, book 4, book 5, book 6, book 9, book 10, book 11, and a single volume combining book 2, book 3, and book 8.

Star Trek: The Animated Series episode adaptations:
Star Trek Log One (two copies), Star Trek Log Two

Star Trek Fotonovels: #3 (Trouble With Tribbles), #4 (A Taste of Armageddon), #11 (The Deadly Years)

Black Fire
The Covenant of the Crown
The Klingon Gambit
The IDIC Epidemic
The Lost Years
Spock Must Die!
Strangers From the Sky
Trek to Madworld

The Best of 'Trek': 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (essays/interviews/etc. from meta fanzine 'Trek')
I Am Not Spock
Incredible Intergalactic Star Trek Crossword Puzzle (Enterprise-shaped crossword, on a poster, with answer slip included)
Letters to Star Trek
The Making of Star Trek
Star Fleet Technical Manual (hardcover, 1st edition)
A Star Trek Catalog
Star Trek Compendium
Star Trek Concordance (1st edition)
Star Trek Lives!
Star Trek Puzzle Manual (written as if it were a series of tests for Academy cadets)
Star Trek Quiz Book
Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (alternate history of spaceflight up to ST time)
ST: TNG script photocopy of Encounter at Farpoint, by DC Fontana, second draft 16 March 1987.
Starlog Spectacular (magazine: includes episode guides for TOS, TAS, Next Gen through end of season 4; articles on how to write for ST comics, novels, episodes)
Trek or Treat (basically an early form of LOLTrek macros. *g*)
The Trouble With Tribbles: the Birth, Sale, and Final Production of One Episode
The World of Star Trek (1st edition, pages aren't falling out quite yet but they will be soon)

Starsky & Hutch Golden All Star Book (1977)<--that's not my auction, it's just to show a picture of the cover. The Golden All Star Books contain short stories with color comic-book style illustrations, and have photos on the front and back covers.

Starsky & Hutch Golden All Star Book (1977) (A different one. Again, not my auction, just for the picture).

FANZINES (almost all slash; a couple of the ST zines also include het and gen)

Awakenings 1
Compounded Interest 3 (color cover, but not the same one pictured on Fanlore)
Concupiscence 1
Fruit Cocktail 3 (Fruit Cocktail--Again!?)
Homosapien 5 (Homosapien the Filth)
It's Greek to Me

Not What You Expect (Pros + some multi--also listed under The Professionals)
Paean to Priapus 3
Wild Cards 2

Alien Brothers
In Triplicate (Kirk/Spock/McCoy)
Thyla 17

Not What You Expect (Pros + some multi)
Tea for Two (second edition)
Where the Worms Are (bound circuit copy): slash novel. No fanlore link (yet), but there's a review of it here, #5: "the story of hers that sticks closest to canon and manages to weave in intrigue, angst, h/c, and romance. Cowley is dead, CI5 has been disbanded, villains are everywhere, and our heroes don't know who they can trust. Except each other, of course. An exciting read."
Murphy's Law (two copies)
98% Pure Murphy

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road


Star Trek story record #10 (about halfway down the page, look for "Record 10" to find links to info on the four stories). Explanation of the story records is here.
Inside Star Trek 1976 LP release
Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy LP


The World of Greyhawk fantasy game setting, 1983 boxed set (has both booklets and the fold-out map, but no actual box)
AD&D module T1, "The Village of Hommlet," second printing.
"Inferno," 1980 Judges Guild edition


Official MST3K lunchbox (not my auction--just linking it for the photo): purple plastic, with photo of Joel & the Bots on the outside and a photo of the Mads on the inside. Includes thermos.
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giglet: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] giglet at 03:20pm on 27/06/2011
What magnificent stuff! Not that I want any of it, but my life is richer for knowing of the existence of the Star Trek record and an MST3K lunchbox.
dorinda: Fat Pony appears in a blaze of light! (Fat_Pony)
posted by [personal profile] dorinda at 05:50pm on 27/06/2011
:D So true. They are delightful things, one and all, and have enriched my fannish experience. Not to mention protected my lunch!
thefourthvine: Original Series Kirk and Spock.  (ST TOS blue and gold)
posted by [personal profile] thefourthvine at 04:29pm on 27/06/2011
I would love Alien Brothers and Thyla 17, if they're not claimed yet.
dorinda: A vintage b&w shot in which one man whispers in the ear of another as he holds him. (whisper)
posted by [personal profile] dorinda at 05:47pm on 27/06/2011
They're yours! And they're wonderful. Alien Brothers is a lovely, jam-packed, well-designed classic zine, with fantastic color art pieces inside; T'hy'la 17 has a gorgeous piece of cover art, as well as the original version of Killa's story "No Brighter Moment"--I do understand her re-editing it before putting it online, I do, but I'll always miss the original story's final image of leaping, wings outspread, into the sun. ♥_____♥

Just drop me an email at dorinda at thechicagoloop dot net with your preferred mailing address!
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liviapenn: starsky bugging hutch to dance with him (starsky & hutch: shall we dance?)
posted by [personal profile] liviapenn at 07:38am on 29/06/2011

Oh, man, it's like my birthday! Could I have "Overtures" and the Starsky & Hutch Golden Books? To save postage maybe you could mail them to [personal profile] frostfire (she's in Chicago) and then she could bring them to me next time she's in my neighborhood. I'll have to ask her. *G*
dorinda: Scotty has caught the toppling Kelly, and speaks into his ear from behind. (ISpy_Vendetta_catch)
posted by [personal profile] dorinda at 12:36pm on 29/06/2011
Certainly! And another possible option: if frostfire is amenable, I'm actually driving through Chicago on my way out of town to my new job, and would be willing to meet up with her and pass the stuff hand-to-hand.
frostfire: cuneiform tablet (Default)
posted by [personal profile] frostfire at 06:41am on 08/07/2011
Livia has just now let me know that this was happening--is the trip still in the future? I would be delighted to meet up if possible. My one ongoing schedule issue is I'm taking an evening class right now so I'm busy 5-9 Mon-Thu.

Also...could I request for myself--well, lots of stuff, I suppose, but since it's been a little while since you posted, I suppose I won't feel guilty. I'd love to have the Star Trek Concordance, Puzzle and Quiz books, Black Fire, The IDIC Epidemic, and Strangers from the Sky, annnnd Not What You Expect and Where the Worms Are, if no one else has claimed them yet!
liviapenn: miss piggy bends jail bars (remains sexy while doing so) (Default)
posted by [personal profile] liviapenn at 11:22am on 08/07/2011

I didn't realize it had been so long since I commented! Every night this week I have just gone completely spaced out after work. If I have to pay extra for postage I guess it's my own fault.

(You totally need "Strangers from the Sky," it's like four different amazing fanfics all mashed up together in that awesome/ridiculous way that early TOS novels do so well.)
dorinda: Scotty and Kelly lounge around in the pool. (ISpy_Jaguar_pool)
posted by [personal profile] dorinda at 11:24pm on 08/07/2011
Yes indeed! I'll be coming down to Chicago around midday on Saturday 23 July, and leaving on the morning on Monday 25 July. I'm staying near the intersection of Sheridan Rd. & Lawrence Ave (and I have a car, so I could also meet you somewhere else). Does that sound manageable? Drop me a line at dorinda at thechicagoloop dot net, if you want to plan specifics.


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