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This year's Vividcon vidder auction is now open--details at or .

So many sources. Soooo many. You can look at an individual vidder's offers by clicking their name on the auction page, or a whole list of all the vidders is here or here.

Seems like there's something for everyone...give it a look!
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Man, I had to do some ridiculous adulting yesterday. RIDICULOUS. It was terrible and stupid and will end up taking a big whack out of my finances and I hated it. I really didn't want to, but I made myself (the financial whack would've happened either way. I guess I just thought I should be there to see it happen, and learn about the process. Or. Something.). I'm not sure if I'm a better person for the experience, or just a more irritated one.

I was so adulted-out that I would have considered calling in sick for a mental health day today, and just killed dragons all day long, if I hadn't already had to call in sick a bunch this week for already being sick. My coughing muscles hurt. I wonder if it does them some good, like a specialized workout?

ANYWAY, as an antidote, there is this! [personal profile] killabeez, as is her wont, up and did something delightful and generous for the good of the community. I KNOW, right? :D She has remastered Morgan Dawn & GF's 1999 "Point Break" vid, Until the End of the World. So lovely! And Killa's right, it's so interesting to see how it looks in the film's original aspect ratio.

In conclusion, in honor of Point Break:
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AV Club does this feature where it recruits bands to cover older songs in their little studio, and last week they did this really nice one where Ben Watt and Bernard Butler covered Wang Chung's "Dance Hall Days". I think it's an interesting approach, and really lovely.

Ben Watt is half of the group 'Everything But the Girl', who I was first introduced to by a Pros vid, of all things. The Media Cannibals made a Pros vid to the song "We Walk the Same Line," which came out on MC tape 2 (I can't look around to see if this vid has been remastered yet, because I'm at work and so many websites are blocked here...). I remember some interesting discussion on Virgule-L about the juxtaposition of such a sweet/soft song with such a rough-edged show/characters . But for all that I agree the song is sweet and quite soft in its tone and approach, which the show is not, for some reason that never bothered me. Possibly the underlying emotion and the lyrics still felt true enough to me that it didn't rub me the wrong way?
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Back in this post, I listed the three Person of Interest vids I saw at Vividcon. But then, shortly after VVC, another POI vid dropped--and I saw people posting about it, so you might already have seen it, but JUST IN CASE BECAUSE IT IS SO VERY VERY VERY GOOD:

[ profile] sisabet made a POI vid, "Lucky You", which you can and should check out at this post. From song choice, to clip choice, to juxtapositions, to characterization and narrative build and emotional layering, to, oh, everything, this vid has me in its pocket. Phwooooaaaaar. It is too much; I flail. ♥ _____ ♥
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A very diverse set of vids at Vividcon this year--Person of Interest was the only fandom to have more than one vid for it in the Premieres show! (And I must say, it's nice to have my personal wishes in this regard magically catered to for a change. :D ) Plus there was a POI vid in the Auction show, so there was plenty to savor.

In the first half of Premieres was [personal profile] astolat's When I Ruled the World, summary: Be my mirror, my sword and shield. A warm and wistful Reese/Finch vid that made me sad for both of them, and happy that both of them managed to find each other (Plus: Bear!).

The second half of Premieres had [personal profile] flummery's Some Nights, summary: Team Machine. A total YAY TEEEEAM vid, propulsive and sweeping, with Fusco, Reese, Carter, and Finch all coming together to become more than the sum of their parts. (Plus: Bear!)

And then the Auction show had [personal profile] talitha78's Call Me Maybe (to a cover by Ben Howard), summary: I just met you, and this is crazy. A Reese/Finch vid of their paranoid, technological love story. (Pluuuus, BEAR. :D )

I didn't get much of a chance to discuss POI, what with everything else going on, but these vids definitely fed my id. Yum!
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I Spy fans with eagle eyes! Some friends of mine are making a (secret) vid, and they would love to be able to include a few clips of Kelly and Scotty. If you can think of relevant shots/sequences from the show, would you be willing to pitch in and mention them?

Here are the sorts of visuals they’re looking for:

* Bare skin! The more the better.
* Bathing suits.
* Getting undressed.
* Dancing (well or poorly or wildly or any old way).
* Silly outfits.
* Acting silly.
* Acting slutty.
* Strutting and proud.
* Looking super-hot and sexy.

What are your favorite shots or scenes? Remember that the dialogue won’t be in the vid, so context in the plot doesn’t matter. It’s allllll about the visuals here.

Any thoughts?

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Festivids, the small fandom vid exchange, has gone live, and there are a bunch of enjoyable vids to be had this year. And thanks to [personal profile] klia, I saw that someone made one for Rubicon!

It's called I Follow You, made for [personal profile] isagel, and I really enjoyed it--it's moody and shadowy and paranoid, like the show (plus the credits are excellent), and it centers on two people: Will, the main character, and Kale, the ambiguous/mysterious/highly competent second-in-command at API (the guy I wrote my Yuletide story about).

I gave it some thought, and I think it's perfectly safe for people to watch even if they haven't seen the show. Most of the stuff isn't technically spoilery, especially given how things are sometimes taken/juxtaposed out of context, or would only be spoilery if a viewer knew the background or import of what they were seeing. So if you've been at all curious about Rubicon, feel free to check it out!


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