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zomg work is eating my face you guys. Our normal summer spike is 1) early, and 2) more like two shoesful of cleats. Plus this Saturday will be my second working Saturday in a row and involve a (happily very rare) 2-hour-each-way commute.

On the one hand, so awesome that lots of people are coming and using the things and producing research and whatnot--that's what we're for. On the other hand (har har), I've started having some trouble with my cubital tunnel--the nerve that goes through the elbow and can have trouble if you have to keep your elbows tightly bent all the time, like say when doing a lot of close work at a film inspection bench. Ouch.

Also, I had heard that someone donated a piano to my co-op and they were going to put it in a 'piano room' somewhere in one of the high rise buildings, for lessons or whatnot. How nice, I thought vaguely, I wonder where the piano room will be.


Turns out the piano room is what used to be a bike room, directly beneath my bedroom, and with no insulation (which is why my floors can be painfully cold to the feet in winter as all the heat sucks out through the floor). So at about 1am my floor and bed were suddenly playing me VERY LOUD AND EXUBERANT PIANO MUSIC.

I staggered down and knocked on the locked door, and it was opened by a young blond man who stank of liquor. We discussed how his "creative moment" (his words) unfortunately had to stop because I really had to sleep. To his credit, even when (presumably) literally stinking drunk, his piano playing was really very good, and also he apologized and stopped and I eventually fell back asleep.

So, you know. Lots going on around here.

To end on a bright and less wtf moment: I got my Night On Fic Mountain story done! I made [personal profile] marycrawford come up with the summary, which I recommend--stuck on a summary? MAKE MARY DO IT. It's tagged and titled and posted! So I am happy.

And I have an idea for another story hot on the griddle, which I would love to start chomping on, as soon as work lets up a little bit on my face and my nerves let up a little bit on my arms. Can one use Siri as a speech-to-text writing tool I wonder?
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On the bright side!: my ankle healed up really quickly, and is thoroughly usable now, though I should still remember to do some stretches and exercises for it.

On the less-than-bright side!: Turns out I have walking pneumonia. >:-\ Luckily the "walking" part means I have mostly been up and about, and haven't had to miss too much work, but the "pneumonia" part means that I am so. Tired. Of coughing. I mean it is so tedious. I do not enjoy it as a hobby.

Hopefully these horse pills they gave me will kick it out the door, and then I can concentrate on my Yuletide letter and signup. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND, IMMUNE SYSTEM--IT IS YULETIDE SEASON!
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ONE THING: Soooooo what happened is, a couple days ago I sprained my ankle. I was trudging home with a million other worker ants, took a bad step somewhere among the terrible uneven concrete across the street from my workplace, and BLAMMO I and my stuff were sprawled all over the road. In the rain. With a bunch of people standing over me.

Ugh. Sometimes I think the secondary embarrassment is almost neck-and-neck with the actual ankle pain. (But then I have a flashback to the terrible noise my ankle ligament made, and I stop thinking that.)

It took a couple minutes for the initial pain to subside enough for me to tell it wasn't broken, and then the kindly bystanders gathered my belongings, hoisted me up, and put me into a cab. I've been Resting/Icing/Compressing/Elevating like a mofo, although unfortunately I've also had a long couple of workdays since then, one of which was twelve hours long.

On the bright side, it could have been SO much worse. With a good Ace bandage and care in moving around, plus UberXs/cabs to and from work, I managed my workdays okay, and it's looking much better and increasing in mobility. I've had much worse sprains in my day, with crutches and whatnot, and I'm grateful this wasn't one of those.

Still no fun, though. And I have another very demanding workday coming up later this week, probably 13 hours, with a lot of standing and moving around. So I'll be RICEing all week in the hope that it'll continue to improve at this pace.

ANOTHER THING: While I'm sitting in my chair with the foot propped up, my fancies have turned to thoughts of Yuletide nominations. Just a week to get my noms in! Hmmm. What are you nominating?

I haven't even started to parse my final choices--see above, re: ankle and stressful work schedule--but it does seem that the Aubrey-Maturin novels, as well as the Master & Commander movie, is all safely under the limit, so that's a possibility. Now that I've finished the books and am re-reading them all again, I'm starting to feel delightfully immersed. (And of course the movie is engraved on my brain lobes, so.)

Another thing that leaps to mind is Shetland, the BBC Scotland show that [personal profile] sakana17, [personal profile] klia, and [personal profile] thevetia turned me on to. Well-written, beautifully-filmed detective drama set on the islands of the Shetland archipelago, and I adore the main character (other characters as well, of course, but, ♥ JIMMY ♥ ).

Rejseholdet|Unit One again, I think, to make sure it gets in there.

Shockingly, even though Black Sails looks to be just over a thousand stories on AO3 alone, using the yuletide bookmarklet on them reveals that there are actually fewer than 600 that are in English, complete, and over a thousand words long! Add that to the hundred-and-thirty-some that are on, and it still looks eligible!

I'm not sure I feel ready to write Black Sails (and by the way, I finished season 2 last week! I'll give that its own post, hopefully tomorrow), but if I'm not, it still might be nice to ask for.

That's four fandoms, though, and I can only nominate three. I have some mulling to do, for sure.
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It happened again! All of a sudden, the Internet suddenly felt Too Much for me, and I fell off it. This has happened before, and it's always distressing--I mean, not that I mind avoiding the giant firehose of outrage-and-merchandising that so much internet/social media spend so much of their time with. That's always good for me.

But aside from that, actual people, who I actually know, and share actual interests with, have been posting interesting things! And yet I feel like I've hardly been commenting or letting them know I'm out here, which might in turn make them feel like they're being interesting into a void.

So FWIW, let me say, I'm out here! And your posts and discussions remain interesting and fun! I'm sorry for falling off the boat. I'm working on climbing back on.

As part of that project, this week I'll be posting a few stories I had actually finished in the last couple months, and had gotten betaed, and polished, but didn't post. I think it was part of that "feeling fallen-off" thing. I had them in my pocket--or, I guess more accurately, in the drawerfic drawer--but was feeling so strange and tired and anhedonic that it was hard to get up the wherewithal to share them.

Kind friends have said, "I understand, but SHARE THEM!", and I am climbing back on as best I can, and so I will. Expect a story announcement in the next post!

To finish off this post, I wanted to mention that last night I saw the movie "Carol", directed by Todd Haynes, and LOVED IT. So beautiful! So melancholy! (But without a sad-tragic-dead-queers-ending!) So CHOCK FULL OF PINING, all kinds of beautiful understated complex gorgeously-filmed pining. Here's a review from Vox: Phwoar.
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Happy endings for that last post!:

* I got my laptop back from the laptop hospital, all fixed up and spruce. We had the rest of the long weekend to cuddle and bond. :D Now to catch up on the computery things I need to get done...

* I'm finished with the antibiotics, and had my followup with the ENT today. All better! And this time she had the scope with the exterior screen, so she gave me a look at my throatly inner workings, to see how they look when they're healthy. Cooooool. Stomach is settled back down now as well, and I am still enjoying the kefir. Nomf.

* Still no words written on anything new, not entirely sure what the problem is there--but I did get some productive revision done on a betaed thing, thanks to [personal profile] marycrawford encouraging me into it.

* The last of the Nutella is gone, but I baked a cake. I am too quick to let the teeny-slantiness of my oven discourage me from actual baking--this turned out pretty nice.

Let's see, in other news...the Yuletide tagset for this year is up, and delightful. Rejseholdet|Unit One is there, Sinbad (TV) is there, Peacemakers is there. *rubs hands*

Almost Human is there, with a larger tagset than I remember from last time: John and Dorian of course, Rudy, Sandra Maldonado, Valerie Stahl, Richard Paul, MX-43 gets its own character slot, and now also Danica (the next model after Dorian, the kickass scary XRN played by the fantastic Gina Carano).

Some wonderful person out there nominated The Invisible Man (TV 2000), with Darien, Bobby, Arnaud, and Claire. No The Sting, but somebody did nominate Spy Game, with Nathan, Tom, and Elizabeth. Elfquest is there, but the character nominations seem a little...odd, or at least oddly specific. Two canonical f/m pairs (Nightfall, Redlance, Moonshade, Strongbow), Skywise, and then two of the chieftesses of ancient days (Rahnee the She Wolf and Huntress Skyfire). No Cutter, weirdly; given the things I'd be interested in writing for EQ at the moment, I suspect I may not offer it this time around.

(Speaking of oddish nominations--the movie Hot Fuzz is in, yay, but the four characters are Nicholas and Danny, Frank Butterman...and Amanda Paver. The townsperson who rides the bike. That last one seems almost arbitrary, unless someone out there has been beefing her up as an almost-OC or something.)

No Man from UNCLE TV show (I expected that; the movie on the other hand is included), but The Wild Wild West is in, with Artemus and Jim. ♥

Now it's time to nail down my list of requests/offers, and imagine what I might write for each assignment. I always feel better when I've put a bit of thought into it--not that I'll definitely use whatever ideas I come up with before I see the actual assignment and letter, but I like to have some plans in the bullpen just in case.
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My computer started behaving strangely last week, making me very worried. :(

It seemed to settle down on Saturday, giving me a chance to update the OS and make sure I had a good backup. :)

It collapsed entirely on Sunday. :(

Turns out the logic board has died, but this is a known problem with this model/year and is covered under a free repair. :)

The Mysterious Throat Issue is still plaguing me with pain and distress. :(

I got a super-quick referral to an ENT instead of having to try Urgent Care or my GP again. :)

The camera she snaked through my head showed inflammation, but no clear diagnosis. :(

She put me on some antibiotics which she hopes will root out infection from throat/sinuses. :)

Antibiotics are doing a giant number on my stomach. :(

Pain seems to be improving (even if slowwwly), and I slept all night last night. :)

I settled in for some good blocks of writing time on the weekend, but was unable to generate any words whatsoever on the several stories I am wanting so badly to write :(

I got a super-helpful beta back for a little story I wrote, and have good guidance for how to fix it, so that'll at least keep my writing hand in. :)

There is some Nutella at my house. :9
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Whew. Finally, a holiday weekend to myself! I just finished a very enervating real-life task, and am exhausted--also, I've unfortunately been sick with a very peculiar and tenacious throat virus for, what, over two weeks now? UGH. Never had anything quite like it. I went to urgent care eventually, and they said the quick-culture strep test was negative, but if it's still not gone after this long weekend of total rest, I'm going back to ask for a proper throat culture. Because this is RIDICULOUS. (I am feeling better overall than I was, though, which is promising. It's just taking so long!)

I've been posting a bit in the discussion of In the Best Families, the Nero Wolfe version of Sherlock Holmes's "Final Problem"/"Empty House". Super-spoilery discussion over there, needless to say! And I have yet more comments to make. Ah, I do love that book. Poor Archie gets put through the wringer, not to mention Wolfe, and we know how much I love to see that happen to my beloveds. O:-)

Speaking of wringers: *I* was put through a wringer by the Hannibal finale. More than a week ago now, and I am still all a-flail. SO INTENSE. SO BEAUTIFUL. SO AMAZING. Apologies if it's not to your taste but you read my tumblr, because among the kitties and birdies and doggies and stuff, there are an awful lot of heated panting bloody embraces lately. The girl can't help it! ♥ ___________ ♥

I've been getting the feeling that it might be time for another Master and Commander rewatch. I almost did last night, but then it was time for meds-and-beds. I try not to watch it all the time, so it won't get worn out in my head, but I just love it, and Jack and Stephen, and them being so married, soooo muuuuuch. A rewatch at this juncture would be medicinal!

That is the latest rambly unpacking of my id. Thank you for coming. :D
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Man, I had to do some ridiculous adulting yesterday. RIDICULOUS. It was terrible and stupid and will end up taking a big whack out of my finances and I hated it. I really didn't want to, but I made myself (the financial whack would've happened either way. I guess I just thought I should be there to see it happen, and learn about the process. Or. Something.). I'm not sure if I'm a better person for the experience, or just a more irritated one.

I was so adulted-out that I would have considered calling in sick for a mental health day today, and just killed dragons all day long, if I hadn't already had to call in sick a bunch this week for already being sick. My coughing muscles hurt. I wonder if it does them some good, like a specialized workout?

ANYWAY, as an antidote, there is this! [personal profile] killabeez, as is her wont, up and did something delightful and generous for the good of the community. I KNOW, right? :D She has remastered Morgan Dawn & GF's 1999 "Point Break" vid, Until the End of the World. So lovely! And Killa's right, it's so interesting to see how it looks in the film's original aspect ratio.

In conclusion, in honor of Point Break:
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Sorry, everybody who was asking for topics to discuss during December! I kind of got sucked down a hole, and couldn't even seem to comment very much anywhere. A spike of financial stress that threatens to be ongoing cropped up, and for much of the month I seemed to only have the energy/focus to 1) go to work, 2) come home from work, 3) write on Yuletide story, 4) go to bed. Which are all important things, but I also like to do other, more social things as well.

Anyway, apologies for leaving you December-discussers hanging. I heard some people were interested in doing this sort of thing again but after the peak of the winter-holiday season, like February. And if you do, I will strive to have topics to ask about.

On the bright side, I managed to stick to my plan from this post, where I started on actual Yuletide writing really soon after assignments, and kept it up, rather than letting it slide into a panicky rush at the end. And a good thing, too, though that's all I can say about that now. :D Whew.
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You know, it always seems to be a boy and a girl, or a man and a woman. And the boy is "pretending" he's about to shove the girl onto the train tracks, or into heavy traffic, or off the bridge. And the girl is screaming and scream-laughing and trying to hold onto him, while he muscles her around, lifting and pushing and ha ha ha pulling her back just in time.

And you know, I don't find it a funny joke. Not one bit.

I don't think it's a coincidence that (at least the literally dozens if not hundred times I've seen it in my life) it's always the boy "pretending" he's going to kill her, and the girl screaming in fright while also being forced to laugh at oh how funny he's being as he shows her how he could kill her.

(Brought to you by seeing yet another instance of this today. It went on longer than usual, in a crowded Metro station, to the point where I was starting to weave through the crowd toward them, planning to play the Grouchy Scolding Middle-Aged Lady card. It stopped, and the train arrived, but it's been bothering me ever since. It always leaves me unhappy and kind of ill. It's just such a goddamn microcosm.)


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